6 thoughts on “Science minister’s question time”

  1. The complete disregard (in a good way) of the usual hierarchies is one of the most refreshing and exciting things about this exchange. I am heartened!

  2. I never believed there were six degrees of separation between me and anyone I might to know – three always seemed more accurate. Now, though, I think we’re down to two degrees of separation between you and a meaningful exchange with pretty much anyone with whom you wish to communicate. Which is pretty exciting for those of us who know how to behave! Of course Lord Drayson has yet to address me directly, but then I haven’t had any burning questions to ask him. Maybe next week.

    1. I assume that is the generic “You” and you are not thinking of putting me on a 2-degrees pedestal :-)

      This is clearly part of the power of social media/Web 2.0, but only works when the people you are interested in communicating with are also within the same system. And I’m not sure what happens when the magnet users (as in those attracting all the attention) become overwhelmed with people wanting to communicate with them.

      Maybe that’s when people start to deploy auto-avatars, or digital AI clones. Maybe they already are…

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