Yesterday I have the rather odd experience of opening the media140 meeting on the impact of social technologies on science communication in Brisbane Australia – from my basement in Michigan, USA.  Skyping into the meeting, it was hard to tell whether I was making sense, or just taking the title of the keynote too literally and talking a load of Jackson Pollocks.  Fortunately, based on the ensuing questions and the tweets (following the hashtag #media140) things didn’t go down too badly.

From previous experience with Skype though, things might not have gone so smoothly.  Which is why I recorded a short video backup of the talk over the weekend – just in case.

And having done so, I thought I might as well post it here.  It’s not as immediate as I suspect the live talk was.  But on the plus side, it is a lot shorter!

ps – for those watching the media140 talk (which was broadcast from the family library), here’s an interrupted view of the books you were trying to make out behind me 🙂

Andrew Maynard