OK so it’s a slightly misleading title, but I did want to draw your attention to the rather splendiferous Risk Science Blog.

When I took over as Director of the University of Michigan Risk Science last year, I wanted to find ways of connecting researchers and students here with a broader audience.  And what better way to do this than through a blog.  So earlier this year we launched the Risk Science Blog – an eclectic collection of news items, commentaries and opinions with the common thread that they all have something to do with making sense of public health risks in an increasingly complex world.

Since the launch, I have been extremely excited by the quality of the pieces that have been posted.  We have junior and senior faculty (including the Dean of the School of Public Health) writing for us, as well as students.  And we are beginning to develop a core of regular contributors – each with their own unique perspective on health risks and opportunities.

If you have any interest in unique and insightful perspectives on contemporary risk issues that will inform, challenge and sometimes amuse you, please check out the blog.

And that title?  So I cut and paste rather indiscriminately here, but over the past few months we have posted pieces on the Fukushima Daiich incident, zombie apocalypse preparedness, hand washing, and vaccine risk communication.  Just not all at once!

Please enjoy and pass on!

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Andrew Maynard