If you haven’t been reading the Mind The Science Gap blog, you really should.

Ten Masters of Public Health students have been excelling themselves as they hone their ability to take published research and translate it into something accessible to a broader audience – all the while finding that elusive balance between simply telling a good story and having an impact on their readers.

Feeling lucky? Click image to open a random Mind The Science Gap post

Over the past six weeks this group has tackled everything from guns and play dates to biochar use, and obesity to environmental pollutants. But the number and diversity of the posts is now so great that simply browsing through them isn’t that easy.  So I have devised a cunning plan:

Clicking the image above will take you to a random blog post on Mind The Science Gap.  Repeated clicks will take you to different random posts (usually – it’s random!).

It’s the perfect way to catch up with a growing body of high quality science blogging on issues that could be impacting your health.

Andrew Maynard