Call me a fool, but I recently agree to join the editorial board of the new Springer journal Environment, Systems and Decisions (formerly The Environmentalist).  Actually it was a bit of a no-brainer – I’ve been looking for a journal to get involved with that more closely matched my interests in risk, technology innovation and decision-making for some time, and this fit the bill pretty well.

The newly re-branded journal is set to hit the streets next year, and to kick things off we are putting together a special issue on Scenario and Risk Analysis – details below (and also downloadable here).  If you are interested in submitting a paper for the special edition, the deadline for submission is June 30.





Uncertainty about the future cuts across disciplines, e.g., natural sciences (sea level rise and climate patterns), social sciences (societal trends such as voting behaviors), etc. Uncertainty has different scales, e.g., individual (markets and retirement investing), global (pandemics, military wargaming), etc. Addressing future scenarios is essential to the strategies of individuals, organizations, communities, and nations. Scenario analysis is a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach that effectively negotiates the risks and benefits associated with emergent and future conditions.

There is no consensus on how and when to conduct a scenario analysis. How do we elicit, formulate, and identify scenarios? How do we account for stakeholder biases? How can we manage the uncertainty? What are the best ways to mitigate future risks and maximize future opportunities?

This special issue of Environment, Systems, and Decisions will explore the theory, methods, and applications of scenario analysis, along with its linkages with other subject areas such as risk management.


The Editors-in-Chief invite submissions in the area of Scenario Analysis. Papers are encouraged in, but not limited to, the following areas:

• Scenario development
• Uncertainty reduction
• Extreme and rare events
• Connection to risk analysis
• Scenarios and decision making • Scenario elicitation

• Impact analysis
• Simulation
• Forecasting
• Contingency planning • Strategic gaming
• Stochastic analyses

• Global climate change
• Environment and ecology • Technology and society
• Economic impacts
• Social issues
• Planning and policy

Contact Details & Schedule:

Inquiries regarding this Call for Papers should be directed to either/both of the Editors-in-Chief:
Dr. Igor Linkov, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center: Dr. James H. Lambert, University of Virginia:

We welcome the submission of your abstracts anytime, with your papers by 30 June 2012 leading to publication of a special issue of Environment, Systems and Decisions in early 2013.