This is a first I think – a call for giving  on 2020 Science. But the circumstances are both important and special.

The School for the Future of Innovation in Society aa Arizona State University (ASU) has created a new fund to support refugees whose undergraduate or graduate education has been disrupted because of their circumstances.

The Refugee Education Fund will be used to to finance a student (more than one if giving is generous) from somewhere in the world–it could be anywhere–complete her or his degree.


The money is intended to provide all needed financing (tuition, fees, and living costs) for one or more refugee students to finish that degree at ASU, and it could be in any degree program, so long as ASU offers it and the student qualifies, undergraduate or graduate.

100% of the funds raised will go toward supporting students.

You can give here (and please give generously: ASU Refugee Education Fund.

For more information on the fund, please see the Facebook post here.

This opportunity is especially important to me, having become a US citizen in 2015, and having moved in part to ASU because of the social ethos of the institution.

The fund addresses a very real need as the world faces an increasing refugee crisis, and makes a strong statement that, despite some recent rhetoric, there is still a generosity of heart in the US for displaced persons anywhere in the world.

From the Facebook post:

As we saw in the case of the tragedy in Syria, refugee crises are devastating to the lives of the individuals affected, but they also impact people of other nations. Indeed, when some members of the human family are disconnected from their lives, we all suffer. For most of us, we feel at a loss for what to do, how to help. It was in this context that the idea for a Refugee Education Fund was created. While we may not be able to resolve the entire global catastrophe, we can “save”, in a very real sense, one or more individuals, just by doing what we do. We, at ASU, provide higher education to people the world over. Some refugees across the world are students who have been uprooted by war, environmental catastrophe, political oppression, or all of the above, Some will never get a chance to return to their home universities and complete their degrees–unless we help. And we can help–just by doing what we do.


Please give generously, and spread the word.

Thank you.