In 2009, I commissioned ten guest articles on technology innovation from people working for, associated with or generally reflecting the views of Civil Society groups. Over six years on, these essays still present insightful and often challenging views on technology innovation, and are well worth a revisit.

The aim was to expose readers to perspectives on technology innovation that are sometimes drowned out in mainstream conversations, and to give a sense of the breadth of opinions and perspectives that are often lumped under the banners of “civic society” or “Non Government Organizations.”

You may not agree with everything that’s written (I’d be surprised and disappointed if you were).  But whether you are a tech believer, a tech skeptic, or somewhere in between, I hope these articles will inform, challenge, surprise, and even amuse you.

Biopolitics for the 21st Century
Marcy Darnovsky, Center for Genetics & Society

Innovation for whom? Innovation for what? The Impact of Ableism
Gregor Wolbring, University of Calgary

Beyond safety: some bigger questions about new technologies
Georgia Miller, Friends of the Earth

Innovation for a well-fed world – what role for technology?
Geoff Tansey, Food Ethics Council

Stop and Think: A Luddite Perspective
Jen Sass, Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC)

A new era of responsible innovation
Richard Owen, University of Westminster

Ecology and Nanotechnology
Richard Worthington, Loka

Reversing the Technological Dilemma
George Kimbrell, International Center for Technology Assessment (ICTA)

Innovation in the Doc
Tim Jackson, University of Surrey

21st Century Tech Governance? What would Ned Ludd do?
Jim Thomas, ETC Group

Andrew Maynard