Too often, it seems, the mark of a “good” scientist is the ability to give an excruciatingly embarrassing and incomprehensible scientific presentation – the sort of presentations that litter academic conferences.

Borne out of long-standing frustration, I posted a tongue-in-cheek 12-point plan for the “perfect” presentation on Twitter yesterday:

(You can download the PDF here.)

Although on the surface this was a bit of fun, it was the result of years of frustration sitting through inept, ineffective presentations at scientific meetings.

The thing that broke the camel’s back was the realization that, in some places at least, graduates and early career scientists are actually being mentored in giving embarrassingly bad presentations!

This really needs to change.

(And feel free to add additional rules in the comments!)

Update June 11 2016 – you can now download the 12 steps to a perfect scientific presentation as a PDF slide deck here:

Best Presentation Ever Slideshow Title Slide

Update June 12 2016 – And to complete the set, here’s the Bingo Score Card – no conference presentation should be without it!

Best Presentation Ever Bingo

Andrew Maynard