A guest blog by John Dorr, Vice President of Business Development Nanocomp Technologies Inc. Despite all the fuss over nanotechnology, it’s surprisingly difficult to get a clear sense of how the technology is contributing to new products.  So when the company Nanocomp Technologies Inc. approached me with an idea of writing a guest blog about what they are doing with carbon nanotubes, I jumped at the chance.  I’ve been aware of Nanocomp’s business for some time now and know the company’s President and CEO Peter Antionette, and have been both impressed and intrigued by their use of carbon nanotube sheets and yarns.  At the same time, I didn’t want 2020 Science turning into an industry PR conduit.  So I agreed to the guest blog with one condition – that it stick to science and technology, and not turn into a corporate publicity piece.  As it turns out, John Dorr’s piece is about as far from the hype that often accompanies nanotech stories as you can get. At the same time, this is clearly a significant and potentially important technology – one to watch I think.  Andrew Maynard In the early 1990’s, a new form of carbon was discovered with highly unusual properties – it was strong, light, and conducted electricity and heat exceptionally well. Because the material was formed from incredibly thin tubes of carbon atoms, it rapidly became know as carbon nanotubes – or CNT for short. Since their discovery, researchers and businesses have been working hard to exploit the unusual properties of carbon nanotubes – not as easy a task as many people initially thought. However, new and commercially viable uses for the material are now beginning to emerge.

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