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Ten emerging technology trends to watch over the next decade

by Andrew Maynard December 25, 2009

Ten years ago at the close of the 20th century, people the world over were obsessing about the millennium bug – an unanticipated glitch arising from an earlier technology.  I wonder how clear it was then that, despite this storm in what turned out to be a rather small teacup, the following decade would see […]

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Would you use mental ability-enhancing drugs? Take the (anonymous) poll:

by Andrew Maynard June 19, 2009

Poll closed 26 June – see the results below.  I’ll be writing on this in a week or so Would you – or do you – use drugs like Ritalin, donepezil or modafinil to improve your mental ability? I’m interested in getting a sense of current use and attitudes, and would love as many people […]

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