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I’ll be experimenting with updates to the 2020 Science look this next few days, in anticipation of the big move from the Wilson Center Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies to the University of Michigan Risk Science Center (more on this later in the week). So if things look a little odd, please bear with me! (And if you dislike or even like anything you see – feel free to let me know). Cheers, Andrew

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By Ruth Seeley, No Spin PR. A little over a year ago, Ruth Seeley – a freelance communications consultant – rather bravely approached me with a proposition:  She would help me develop a social media strategy for 2020 Science, if I would let her write the experience up as a case study.  Was she mad?  Did she not know how impossibly contrary scientists are to work with?  Or was she simply a sucker for punishment?  Twelve months on, I’m pleased to say that Ruth is still speaking to me.  But how did the experiment go?  To find out, read on… -AM Despite having once shared an award for client service with a much more senior colleague, I would be the first to admit that client service – in the sense of getting along with and working closely, productively, and harmoniously with clients – has never been my strong suit. As an ex-global public relations employee gone (briefly) ‘corporate’ and now a solopreneur, I’ve had many challenges, not least of which was aligning myself with the kind of clients who don’t need a lot of handholding and who have either a learned or an instinctive understanding of what public relations is and what it can do for them. Managing client expectations and educating them is fine and dandy when you have a client willing and able to pay for their learning curve. Being asked to teach, explain, or worse, being second-guessed at every step of the way (which is what tends to happen when your client is another solopreneur with little corporate experience and a miniscule budget) is, frankly, both intolerable and unprofitable. Another real stumbling block for me was the fact that I no longer had a team – virtual or in-person – to draw upon. Nor an IT department

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I know you’re supposed to look forward at the beginning of the new year, but having done that the other day, I thought I would take this opportunity to have a quick glance back at the last 12 months of 2020 Science.  And just to keep your attention – I know how tedious these retrospectives can be – I’m throwing in a chance to win some “fabulous” prizes at the end of the post; so don’t go away just yet!

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[Update 5/11/09:  Thanks to everyone who voted/commented on the 2020 Science layout.  This was extremely helpful.  In the tradition of scientists the world-over, I listened to the feedback carefully… then did my own thing!  Actually, the new layout builds on the poll and comments, but I ended up sticking with the three column format.  If it doesn’t work for you, or could work better – let me know!] I’m playing around with some tweaks to the 2020 Science blog layout, and would really appreciate some feedback on which of the following iterations works better – you can tell it’s a lazy Sunday, and I have nothing better to do!

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