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COP18 Doha, Qatar: A positive view point from low on the totem pole

by Candace Rowell November 26, 2012

A guest post by Candace Rowell MPH. Candace is an alum of the University of Michigan School of Public Health Department of Environmental Health Sciences, and a former contributor to Mind The Science Gap.  She is currently a research associated with the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute in Doha, Qatar. The traffic in Doha […]

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Larry Brilliant: Enabling sustainable humanity through getting serious about risk

by Andrew Maynard April 1, 2011

Cross-posted from the Risk Science Blog [Transcript] I’ve occasionally been accused of thinking big when it comes to Risk Science. So I was rather chuffed to hear former Executive Director of Larry Brilliant out-big me on every point as he delivered the 10th Peter M. Wege lecture here at the University of Michigan a […]

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Risk, uncertainty and sustainable innovation: Feedback sought on symposium blurb

by Andrew Maynard November 21, 2010

Despite the risk of receiving absolutely no comments (please don’t let me down!), I thought I’d try something new and ask for some feedback on the background blurb for a meeting I’ve been working on. The meeting is a symposium on Risk, Uncertainty and Sustainable Innovation being organized by the Risk Science center next September.  […]

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Tenure track faculty positions in risk science at the University of Michigan

by Andrew Maynard November 8, 2010

Just thought I’d circulate this on the 2020 Science network – please feel free to pass on the information to anyone who might be interested. We have finally started the process of looking for two junior faculty to join the Risk Science Center at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.  This is an […]

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The politics of change

by Andrew Maynard April 11, 2010

Well, it’s been a week since I upped sticks from D.C. and started my new life as an academic in Ann Arbor. It’s been an eventful week, with the start of a several-month commute between my family who are still in Northern Virginia and Michigan, and beginning to find my feet in a new town, […]

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