October 6 2009.  Testimony to a public hearing of the Wisconsin State Assembly Committee on Public Health

“Nanotechnology: Opportunities and challenges” [Download PDF, 9.4 MB]

June 30 2009.  Workshop of the International Risk Governance Council

“Two sides of the coin.  Regulation, and the enabling and constraint of technological innovation.  Lessons from nanotechnology” [Download PDF, 1.2 MB]

June 18 2009.  Kavli Science Journalism Workshop, MIT (Knight Science Journalism Fellowship Bootcamp)

“Small science; small politics.  A DC perspective on nanoscience and nanotechnology” [Download PDF, 1.8 MB]

June 10 2009.  Talk at Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue Conference. Regulating Nanotechnology in Food and Consumer Products:  Developing A Consumer-focused Transatlantic Approach

“Nanomaterials and consumer products.  A perspective from the US” [Download PDF. 4.6 MB]

June 8 2009.  Opening talk at VALDOR conference, Stockholm

“Managing risk in a changing world. What’s science got to do with it?” [Download PDF. 8.5 MB]

May 1 2009. Series of three lectures to educators: “Nanotechnology in Context”

Lecture 1.  “Nanotechnology: What’s the Big Deal?” [Download PDF. 16.9 MB]

Lecture 2. “Engineering matter at the nanoscale.  What could possibly go wrong?” [Download PDF. 16.6 MB]

Lecture 3.  “Do you ‘do’ nano? The politics of getting nanotechnology right” [Download PDF. 12 MB]

April 17 2009.  Working Conference on Nanotech Regulatory Policy, UCLA Law School

“Nanotechnology in Perspective: Towards science-informed regulatory policies” [Download PDF. 12.5 MB]

(A PowerPoint version of this presentation is available here)

April 4 2009.  NanoDays at the National Museum of American History, Washington DC

“So nano, so what?  The what why where of nanotechnology” [Download PDF. 11 MB]

March 12 2009.  James Martin 21st Century School, Oxford UK

Rethinking science and technology innovation: A personal perspective  [Download PDF.  8.9 MB]

February 10 2009.  Emerging Tech Forum, Alexandria VA.

“‘Biohacking.’  The Promise and Challenges of Synthetic Biology.”  Emerging Tech Forum Seminar.  [Download PDF.  16.9 MB]

January 22 2009.  Duke University.

“Small Science; Small Politics.  A Washington DC Perspective on nanoscience and nanotechnology”  Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology (CEINT) Seminar.  [Download PDF.  9.6 MB]

December 3 2008.  Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité, Nancy, France.

“Ensuring the Success of Safe Nanotechnologies (An Aerosol Perspective)”  [Download PDF of Presentation.  16.3 MB] [Download Abstract. 76 KB]

November 10 2008.  Environmental Nanoparticles: Science, Ethics and Policy. University of Delaware.

“A bluffers guide to environmental nanoparticles (Six simple steps to sounding like an expert)”  [Download PDF of Presentation.  4.3 MB]

October 20 2008.  American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) Annual Conference, Orlando FL.

“Challenges to ensuring the safety of emerging nanomaterials” A Tutorial [Download PDF of Presentation.  19.2 MB]

October 15 2008.  Nano4All, Utrecht Netherlands.

“A bluffer’s guide to nano risk.  (Five simple steps to sounding like an expert)” [Download PDF of Presentation.  5.2 MB]

February 28 2008.  Nanotechnology Forum, Melbourne, Australia.

“Nanotechnology: The next big thing, or much ado about nothing?” [Download PDF of Presentation, 11.9 MB]

More to come…