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Will driving your own car one day be as socially unacceptable as smoking in public?

autonomous vehicle smoking

In 2014, over 32,000 people were killed in car crashes in the U.S. In 2012, more than two million Americans visited the emergency room as a result of car crashes. And an estimated 94 percent of the crashes that cause these injuries and fatalities are attributable to human choice or error. These are sobering statistics. ...

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Solving public health challenges through innovation

Last Thursday, the second annual University of Michigan Innovation In Action competition concluded, with six stunning student pitches for startups that could make a significant dent on the health and well-being of communities. It was a great example of what can be achieved at the intersection of public health, entrepreneurship, and the creativity and energy that students can bring to real-world problems.

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Combatting Ebola: Moving beyond the hype

As of October 19, over 9,000 cases of Ebola had been reported, with close to 5,000 deaths, almost exclusively in West Africa.  And while there have been success stories such as the elimination of Ebola infections from Nigeria and Senegal, the numbers of cases in vulnerable economies continues to grow. While Ebola is unlikely to present a serious ...

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This is Environmental Health Science

We’ve just posted a new video about the University of Michigan Environmental Health Science department that I’m quite pleased with. It’s aimed at students who may be interested in pursuing a graduate degree in the environmental health sciences (and perhaps don’t know this yet!), but it’s also a great 30,000 foot introduction to what environmental health ...

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Ebola virus: Insights from University of Michigan Experts

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been posting articles on the ebola outbreak from University of Michigan experts. As concern continues to grow over the outbreak, we’ve collected these together on the Risk Science Center Ebola Virus Topic Page, and will continue to add to this as new articles are posted. Current articles include perspectives on the deadliness ...

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Info on ebola risks from the University of Michigan

The University of Michigan School of Public Health has posted a number of resources on the current ebola outbreak on its website, including a series of interviews with experts on risks and concerns.  These are well worth checking out for clear and informed information on health risks associated with the outbreak. For more information on ebola and risk, ...

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Creating Poster Presentations that Tell Stories

This Friday my class of second year Environmental Health Science Master of Public Health students are going to get my admittedly quirky annual lecture on crating poster presentations.  Quirky, because I’m a little obsessive about the importance of story telling in posters, whether you are presenting research data or describing what you did last summer. Soup ...

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While the world watches Ebola, Meningitis continues to kill in West Africa

“This year alone, there have been 17,000 cases of meningitis in Nigeria, with nearly 1,000 deaths”. It’s a statement that jumped out at me watching a video from this summer’s Aspen Ideas Festival by my former University of Michigan Public Health student Utibe Effiong. With the current focus on Ebola, it’s easy to forget that West African ...

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Hacking the world, public health style

What has the Maker Movement got to do with public health? Quite a lot as it turns out, as I explore in the latest Risk Bites video.  This in turn was inspired by being invited to talk at the inaugural We Make Health Fest in Ann Arbor.   Tinkerers When I was a kid, I used ...

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Dip into Mind The Science Gap

If you haven’t been reading the Mind The Science Gap blog, you really should. Ten Masters of Public Health students have been excelling themselves as they hone their ability to take published research and translate it into something accessible to a broader audience – all the while finding that elusive balance between simply telling a ...

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