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Small Acts of Kindness – Thank You Postcard Underground!

Thank You Postcard Underground

In this age of public outrage and social media shaming, small acts of private kindness sometimes don’t seem to count for that much.  Yet even though they may not have the social cachet of jumping on the hashtag du jour, to the individual who receives them, they can still mean a lot. Anyone following this blog ...

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Toxicologists are Freakin’ Awesome!

Risk Bites is going to be at the San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering Expo this year (Saturday March 21st – be there!). I’ll be there as part of the Society of Toxicology (SOT) annual meeting, sharing the SOT stand. Given the toxicology theme, we have a special Risk Bites video for the Expo – a toxicology primer in 3 minutes for completely uninitiated.

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Five things worth knowing about concussion and contact sports – video

The health impacts of concussions suffered while playing sports have been receiving increased attention in recent years.  According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association,  An estimated 3.8 million concussions occur each year as a result of sport and physical activity in the U.S., with sport-related concussions account for 58% of all emergency department visits in ...

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Why don’t more people get flu shots?

A few weeks ago I talked with Katie Wells at Michigan Radio about why some people are reluctant to get flu shots – myself included up to last year. The interview was rebroadcast on Marketplace this last week, and can be heard here: The prompt for the story was this video I made back in ...

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Risk Bites: Five awesome reasons to subscribe

Between now and the end of the year, we’re aiming to reach 10,000 subscribers on the Risk Bites YouTube channel, and we need your help.  To find out how, click here or check out the #RiskBites10k hashtag on Twitter  Otherwise, keep on reading to find out more. Almost two years ago we launched Risk Bites–a YouTube channel dedicated ...

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Five things worth knowing about ebola

There’s something rather human about being scared of the ebola virus.  It’s a “bogeyman” virus – the stuff of nightmares; hovering in the shadows of our imagination like a half-glimpsed specter.  Like most imagined horrors though, the reality of ebola is much more mundane. The latest episode of Risk Bites takes a look at five ...

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Creating Poster Presentations that Tell Stories

This Friday my class of second year Environmental Health Science Master of Public Health students are going to get my admittedly quirky annual lecture on crating poster presentations.  Quirky, because I’m a little obsessive about the importance of story telling in posters, whether you are presenting research data or describing what you did last summer. Soup ...

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Advanced Materials – What’s the big deal?

Why are materials important? How do they limit what we can achieve? And what can we do to change this?  (Check out the videos below). Advanced Materials Materials and how we use them are inextricably linked to the development of human society.  Yet amazing as historic achievements using stone, wood, metals and other substances seem, these ...

Step by step guide to making a Risk Bites video

Step by step guide to making a Risk Bites video

Just for the fun of it, I decided to live-tweet the making of the previous Risk Bites video (Five things worth knowing about nanoparticles and sunscreens – posted June 15 2014). [View the story “Making a Risk Bites video” on Storify] The whole six and a half hours from finalizing the script to posting the ...

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Talk to the Hand: Risk Bites, six months on

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