No New York Times, wearable computers couldn’t be as harmful ...

I was taken aback- to say the least - by an article from the New York Times that crossed my Twitter feed today that suggested wearable electronics like the new Apple Watch could be has harmful as smoking. I have to wonder whether the author actually read the International Agency for Research on Cancer ... (Click to read more)


Solving public health challenges through innovation

Last Thursday, the second annual University of Michigan Innovation In Action competition concluded, with six stunning student pitches for startups ... (Click to read more)

Dunkin Donuts Hopes To Raise $400 Million Through IPO

Dunkin’ Donuts ditches titanium dioxide – but is it actually harmful?

In response to pressure from the advocacy group As You Sow, Dunkin’ Brands has announced that it will be removing ... (Click to read more)

Toxicologists are Freakin’ Awesome!

Risk Bites is going to be at the San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering Expo this year (Saturday March ...

Responsible Innovation, and the (nano) entrepreneur’s dilemma

Responsible innovation is a great concept - it embodies ideas around ensuring our inventiveness works for the long term good ...

Responsible development of new technologies critical in complex, connected world

The World Economic Forum's 2015 top 10 emerging technologies reflect the tremendous potential of technology innovation. Yet to build ...

Have you ever wondered …?

Have you ever wondered if green potato chips are safe to eat?  Or whether peeing in the swimming pool is ...

The science of “anti-vaccination” – a great primer from SciShow

Yesterday, Hank Green and the YouTube channel SciShow posted a particularly good video on the anti-vaccination movement. Unlike many ...

Measles mortality rates – 2008-2011 outbreak, France

Yesterday, I posted a piece examining the oft-quoted mortality rate for measles of one to two deaths per thousand cases of ...

What is the risk of dying if you catch measles?

If you catch measles, what are your chances of dying? When I was a kid, measles was one of those ...

Is novelty in nanomaterials overrated when it comes to risk?

Novelty and nanotechnology are deeply intertwined. The search for nanostructure-enabled materials has driven research funding in nanotechnology for well over ...

Emerging technologies must be developed responsibly

From smart phones to cancer cures, we depend on technology innovation more now than at any point in human history. ...

World Economic Forum highlights risks of emerging technologies

The challenges of governing emerging technologies are highlighted by the World Economic Forum in the 2015 edition of its Global ...

A Sony 85-inch Bravia XBR-X950B 4K television plays video after being unveiled during a Sony news conference at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), in Las Vegas
Are quantum dot TVs actually better for the environment?

Earlier this week, The Conversation reported that, “The future is bright, the future is … quantum dot televisions.” And judging ...

Bad luck and cancer – did the media get it wrong?

The chances are that, if you follow news articles about cancer, you’ll have come across headlines like “Most Cancers Caused ...

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