Would You Lick Jam Off An Old Man’s Foot Or Drink Toilet Water For An Hour? Can you explain how gravitons can escape a black hole?  Or do you have a good answer to the question “why are people annoying?”

This is just a sampling of some of the more entertaining and challenging questions from the hit UK teen science-engagement competition “I’m A Scientist, Get Me Out Of Here”.

Now, the team behind I’m A Scientist… is asking for your help to find the best question from the competition so far.

The process is simple:

  1. Have a nosey around the website, and read some of the the questions teens have posed to participating scientists over the years.  If you are stuck for somewhere to start, try the questions from this June’s Brain Zone or Quantum Zone (there were 23 zones in the latest competition – don’t forget to look at some of the others!)
  2. Once you’ve found a question that tickles your fancy, simply tweet the link to it, with the hashtag #iasbestQ
  3. Or if you are Twitter-challenged, email the link to admin@imascientist.org.uk, with iasbestQ in the subject line.
  4. And finally, don’t forget to spread the word around – the more votes for the best question, the better!

The competition closes on September 5.  The five students with the top questions will receive a selection of science books, and a highly coveted I’m A Scientist mug – just like mine in the picture below!

For further details, please check out the I’m A Scientist website.

And don’t forget to vote!

Andrew Maynard