Forget Dr. Oz and The Food Babe – the Risk Bites Holiday Video has enough risks du jour for everyone, and then some.

With a tongue in cheek tip of the hat to Tom Lehrer’s Elements Song, we’ve crammed 108 risks into a mere 80 seconds – everything from arsenic and Ebola, to mega storms and falling off a unicycle!  And if you can keep up, you can even indulge in a little song-along Risk Karaoke with the closed captions turned on! (the full lyrics are available here)


Actually, I tell a lie: This is a song about our favorite hazards, not risks.  As the song concludes:

These hazards are enough to rattle anyone’s composure,
But to turn them into risks they need a dollop of exposure.

Of course, while anything on the list could potentially kill, maim, or otherwise harm you, that’s not going to happen unless you’re actually exposed to enough of the hazard to make a difference!

Some readers of this blog will remember that I was only going to make the Risk Song video if we reached 10,000 subscribers on Risk Bites.  We’ll, we didn’t, and I did!  Why let a few subscribers stand in the way of so much fun? That said, do us a favor and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already – it does make us feel that the sweat and tears that go into these videos might just be worth it!

And a final word on unicycle hazards – just in case you thought we were making this up, the Houston Chronicle ran this headline last August:

‘Naked unicyclist’ dies in overnight traffic accident in La Porte

Have a wonderfully hazard-filled but risk-free 2015!


Andrew Maynard