What have technology innovation, haiku, and this summer’s blockbuster-in-waiting Jurassic World got in common?  The answer: a short book of haiku on responsible technological innovation that a group of colleagues helped put together last summer.

Last week, I was interviewed by Michigan Radio’s Cynthia Canty about the book – which by any stretch of the imagination is a rather eccentric product from an academic meeting.  Our conversation ranged from the warnings over irresponsible innovation embedded in Spielberg’s Jurassic Park franchise, to what responsible innovation means to Michigan entrepreneurs.

And of course, haiku.

If you’re curious about what on earth poetry and innovation are doing in the same space, check out the interview and accompanying article here: http://michiganradio.org/post/designers-engineers-connect-poetry-safer-batteries

And for more on the book, read it here (free online reader, PDF, and e-book).

As an aside, the interview contains what is probably the biggest gaffe of my media career to date.  One of the inspirations for the book was the former President of the European Council and Prime Minister of Belgium, Herman van Rompuy – who has a thing about haiku.  To my everlasting shame, I refer to him being Dutch in the interview.  And I was doing so well up to that point (and if you’re reading this Herman, my most abject apologies – I owe you big time!).  Guess I should avoid Belgium for a while …


Andrew Maynard